Truter Family Wines

Hugo Truter, Winemaker / Owner Trauter Family Wines

Agaat is a semi-precious gemstone created by concentric layers of mineral salts. It was the mention of all those layers that really brought it home for us, as that’s exactly how this undertaking has been. Our dream of creating incredible and unique wines was brought to life layer for layer through the help and support of family and friends, who each contributed their own little layer to our story.


Furthermore, it’s also believed that the stone enhances creativity and stimulates the intellect – which is what happens when you enjoy great wines. To our delight we came to learn that Agaat is the mythical birthstone of Gemini, the month in which our twin boys were born.

We discovered that Gemini is believed to be most compatible with our respective star signs. Therefore we adopted Agaat as our family stone to symbolise that we are all inherently connected.

“We stumbled upon the name Agaat while searching for the perfect name for our new ‘baby’. We soon learnt that Agaat was just waiting for us to find it…”

Hugo burst onto the wine industry in 1996 with a Bachelor’s degree in Oenology and Viticulture with big plans and a lot of enthusiasm. His harvests in France and South Africa have earned him the title for SA Young Wine of the Year 2007, as well as numerous Veritas medals and a Top 10 Pinotage medal. He has made a seamless transition from everyday winemaking into the business and marketing while still enjoying the challenges of winemaking itself.