Stellenrust Wines

Tertius Boshoff, Stellenrust

Stellenrust was established in 1928 and has ever since produced some of the most superb quality wines that the Stellenbosch region from South Africa can offer. It consists of about 400ha (200ha planted) of which half is stretched over the Golden Triangle area of Stellenbosch, internationally recognised for some of the best red wine soil in South Africa. The other half is situated high up in the Bottelary Hills, renowned for its cool climate and late afternoon sea breezes swooping in from Cape Town to nurture both excellent white and red wines.

Stellenrust boasts today with being one of the largest family owned wine estates in South Africa carrying through generations of winemaking skills and the legacy of our motto ‘where excellence meets winemaking’ put forward in every bottle.

``Our father has always been a passionate man and his biggest dream was always to give back to the workers what they have given us``

About 5 years ago, we decided to start a new venture in the South African wine industry – Stellenrust gave people the opportunity to stomp their own grapes and make their own wine. We still do this and label wines for the public under their logo.

This eventually lead to the production of the JJ Handmade wines, using no machinery and only the free running juice through gravity flow and of which total production reached about 500 cases. So we converted an old dairy into a boutique cellar where everything works on a gravity basis. Grapes come in at the top of the cellar, are crushed with wooden stomps by the women on the farm and then allowed to ferment naturally. A basket press is used and soft pressure applied to fermented grapes to suck out the essence of the grapes and this juice is then combined with the free running juice from the tanks at the top of the cellar (with gravity flow) to finish fermentation in the barrels and start their ageing process.

These wines are truly HANDMADE and based on the four age-old principles of French wine-making excluding any machinery from production.